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Getting CMMC Certified in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)

In 2015, the Defense Department (DoD) introduced the Defense Federal Procurement Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to allow commercial vendors to increase the level of safety, in accordance with the specifications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST) set out in NIST SP 800-171. Designed to maintain the protection of Confidential Unclassified Information (CUI), the requirements laid out in DFARS and NIST 800-171 ordered DoD contractors to meet the criteria needed to comply with or risk termination of DoD contracts by 31 December 2017.

To be rated as acceptable, companies actually needed to state that they meet or are in the process of fulfilling the requirements. Sadly self-verification proved ineffective and did not offer any degree of protection that could adequately safeguard sensitive information. While some vendors complied with the requirements, some failed to reach the criteria.

As a result, it was possible for US rivals who design military equipment to used stolen data. Of note, the Chinese J-20 and J-31 stealth fighter jets appear suspiciously similar to the US F-35. China could have changed the F-35 configuration after a 2009 intelligence leak, according to the Pentagon.

Compliance reviewed

Unaccredited compliance does not provide the maximum protection possible. After changing the NIST security rules, the DoD decided in practice that they don’t adequately secure flaws, leaving the contractors exposed to the threats of participants from the nation-state actors.

The CMMC acknowledges that not all information has the same sensitivity levels, and not all communication users have the same clearance thresholds. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification measures processes and practices across five competence stages.

Attainment of higher levels of CMMC increases an organization’s capacity to defend the CUI. It also decreases the risk of advanced persistent threats (APTs) for level 4-5, often carried out by multiple incursions such as electronic, physical, and deception.


Advantages of a Readiness Review

Contractors and subcontractors will pursue a proactive approach to compliance of CMMC by collaborations with an independent consultancy to perform a DFARS 252.204.7012 including CMMC readiness review of the NIST SP 800-171 guidelines as well as the latest CMMC version. Getting appraisal expertise and feedback from an external analyst to steer the strategic CMMC plans would enable the business to avoid difficult requirement-related challenges while offering you a fresh viewpoint on policies and processes.

Our readiness assessment can help you by:

  • Giving your organization a competitive edge in new and recurring contract bids;
  • Having the enterprise meet potential CMMC requirements;
  • The cybersecurity system maturing to balance changing corporate needs and meeting growing policy regulations.
What degree of CMMC maturity does DOD expect from companies?

While the guidelines are still being developed regarding the degree of readiness or assessment a contractor requires regarding CMMC, contractors working with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data are expected to at least meet CMMC’s Tier 3 requirements. CMMC also refers to unclassified networks on which a DIB company manages, saves and/or collects Federal Contract Information (FCI) or CUIs. If the deal needs classified clearances, because the company has CUI as part of the contract, there is a fair risk that the company may at least have to meet with the Tier 3 CMMC specifications.