Getting AS9100 Certified- ISO 9001 Minneapolis MN-ISO PROS #23

Getting AS9100 Certified in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)

As the world depends on safety, reliability, and quality, the Aerospace Industry organizations work relentlessly to meet these expectations. They turn to ISO Pros in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN) as a committed partner, focusing on the highest standards of certification services to the rest in the nation.

Air travel efficiency, health, and reliability are a guarantee. To the aerospace sector, though, these critical issues represent the AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management Systems.

The aerospace industry

The standard is designed for use by businesses across space, aviation, and defense sectors and can be extended throughout the supply chain. It is intended for use by organizations designing, developing, and producing products for aviation, space, and defense. This is often designed for use by organizations offering assistance for the post-distribution. It covers those that have their own items for repairs, supplies, or replacement parts. Security, airworthiness, model compatibility, and durability are all main elements of AS9100, the consistency standard for the aerospace industry.

These consistency standards are critical for OEMs in the aerospace industry, who retain high rates of responsibility for their own products. Since product efficiency may be compromised by an inability to adequately manage components and products, the standard specifically discusses the nature and breadth of the supply chain for the sector. it requires taking into account the entire life cycle of aerospace goods. Registered AS9100 and AS9120 registration validate the firm’s contribution to this quality.


AS9100, the globally accepted Aerospace Quality Management System (QMS) has updated to comply with the ISO9001:2015 requirements. All organizations already accredited to AS9100  will need to move to the latest compliant edition by 15 September 2018. No audits will be performed on AS9100 C and AS9120 A after 15 June 2017; all audits will be undertaken on versions D and B. The updated edition would offer the company the ability to upgrade their QMS.

With the current principles reflective of the corporate background, risk-based analysis and expanded leadership roles are aimed at increasing efficiency and consumer loyalty. The revisions to the current guidelines will provide specific concepts and criteria for public protection, counterfeit products, ethical conduct, human aspects, data processing, and obsolescence.

Risk-based standards can no longer be valid as with the previous edition of the standard which only looked at the product realization portion. The risk-based analysis is becoming more clear and is growing to encompass the entire Quality Control Process. Since the transition time can be very short and ISO Pros also wants to ensure that all our customers have transitioned before its due date and that their certification doesn’t lapse, ISO Pros strongly encourages our customers to start revising as well as upgrading their QMS just to meet the ISO9001:2015 requirements

ISO Pros in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)  clients are confident that some of the most competent, professionally trained, and professional auditors accredited by globally recognized inspection bodies such as RABQSA and IRCA have reviewed your Aerospace Quality Management Program. Our company’s cost-effective and value-added certification program is designed to serve all aerospace organizations, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises.